Monarch Performance/Trail #1752
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**Pads match the shape and color of the saddle.  Pads sold separately.

**Choosing "all tack" includes saddle, headstall, reins, breast collar, flank cinch

This is Julie’s favorite saddle for every-day use; the Flex2 tree saddle has many special features designed to make your ride comfortable —for both you and your horse. With a narrow twist, extra padded seat and
close-contact feel, you’ll never want to sit in another saddle. The 3-way rigging and Flex2 tree provide more comfort and better fit for most horses. 34 pounds. Model #1752.

Notes from Julie: This is Julie’s favorite saddle for every-day use; the Flex2 tree saddle has many special features designed by Julie Goodnight to make your ride comfortable for both you and your horse while maintaining a high performance quality. For the rider who works both in the arena and on the trail, this saddle is the perfect multi-use saddle. With a narrow twist, extra padded seat and close-contact feel, you’ll never want to sit in another saddle. The highly adjustable rigging means this saddle will fit just about any horse securely and comfortably.

Special Features

• 3-Way In-skirt Rigging
• Close Contact skirt design
• Slip-Not™ skirt liner with XPG™ gel bar pad for horse’s comfort
• Neo-Shock™ skirt absorbs shock through neoprene filler and conforms to horse’s back for comfort
• Tunnel Skirt™ alleviates pressure on horse’s spine
• Impact Foam™ seat with narrow twist and broad pocket
• Softee™ seat jockeys and fenders require no break-in
• Pre-twisted stirrup leathers and ErgoBalance™ Stirrups to reduce knee and ankle fatigue and promote balanced riding

Seat Sizes: 14”, 15”, 15 1/2”, 16”, 17”
Color: Walnut, Regular Oil, Black
Tree: Flex2® Trail Regular and Wide
Rigging: 3-Way In-skirt Tooling: Leaf with border
Silver: Silver on Silver Horn: 2 1/4” Neck, 3” Cap
Skirt: 15” x 27” Swell: 13”
Cantle: 3 1/2”


Say, the saddle you sold me was the subject of 10 minutes of discussion & admiration yesterday. The local saddle shop had a soap & oil special. When I picked it up, all 4 customers & the staff stood around it admiring the padded seat, high quality leather, and discussing the history of saddle pads and sheepskin on saddles. The shop already sells Circle Y - l suggested he could try some of yours. Fun. Elaine




Saddle and Tack Return Policy In an effort to insure fit and satisfaction, we offer the following return policy on saddles and matching tack purchased directly from Goodnight via internet or phone order and drop-shipped from either Goodnight or Circle Y, under the following conditions:


**You must contact our office for a return authorization within one week of receipt of the saddle.


**All new saddles must be returned in new condition; no scratches or wear marks, no horse hair or dirt, no dirt scratches in the stirrup, wear marks on straps or anywhere on saddle or matching tack. If the saddle or tack is not in new/ready-to-sell condition when returned, a deduction will be made in the refund amount, according to the sole discretion of Circle Y Saddles or Goodnight which ever applies.


**Saddles returned in new condition, as stated above, will incur a 10% restocking fee.  If you are exchanging your saddle for another Julie Goodnight saddle, there will be no restocking fee.


*Non-Stock Items: A non-stock item is anything that we are building specifically to your specifications. An example would be a saddle that you selected specific conchos, tooling, or seat materials.  Because these items are not something we regularly stock and it will be built specifically for you, we are unable to accept returns or cancellations once customized order is placed.


**Original shipping fees will not be refunded and customer must pay the return shipping cost, except in the case of defective merchandise. Once you receive your saddle, you will have a full week to assess the fit to your horse and you, during which time you can get authorization to return the saddle if necessary.


We suggest you try the saddle on the horse right away, with a towel or blanket between the horse and saddle and assess the fit before you attach a cinch and ride in the saddle. If there is a question on the fit, get input from someone knowledgeable in saddle fit. Once you have determined the saddle fits your horse, you can cinch it up and sit in it to make sure it is the right fit for you; be very careful not to scratch or mar the leather, we suggest wrapping the stirrup leather prior to your test ride to keep the leather pristine. If you decide it is a good fit for your horse and you, you may begin riding normally in the saddle; just keep in mind it takes very little riding in a saddle for it to lose its “new” condition.

  • Manufacturer: Circle Y Saddles of Yoakum

Monarch Performance/Trail #1752

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