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Want to go to this weekend’s clinic? Get tickets at the door! Don’t worry if the closest clinic isn’t on the list— we take down the online purchase option if there isn’t time to mail your tickets, but there are always spectator tickets at the gate! See you at the clinic!

$50 for the two day event or $25 per day.

2017 Clinic Schedule

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March 18-19, Lebec, California

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March 25-26, Memphis, Tennessee

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May 6-7, New Caney (Houston), Texas

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June 3-4, Fort Collins, Colorado

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June 10-11, Springfield, Ohio

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June 17-18, Northampton, Pennsylvania

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November 4-5, Weirsdale, Florida

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As a spectator, you'll be able to ask questions and take notes and take home tons of information to share with your horse.Julie Goodnight conducts horsemanship clinics for all disciplines (English and Western) and all ability levels, at various private and public facilities in North America. Clinics are fun and active, with a focus on bridging natural horsemanship techniques with the principles of classical riding. Julie's teachings are focused on finding success and improvement for each and every horse and rider by developing a deeper understanding of the horse and riding skills that lead to a balanced and rhythmic rider and a light and responsive horse. Clinics are Saturday and Sunday, 8-5, There will be two sections of riders-- a maximum of 12 riders in each section.

*Ticket purchases to view a clinic are available until 48 hours in advance of any Clinic Tour date. After that time, you're welcome to join us and  invited to pay at the door.


Spectator tickets are non-refundable, but transferable to anyone.

You're in the right place to purchase spectator tickets. If you'd rather sign up to ride with Julie, please click here>>

Clinic--Spectator Tickets

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